What does Account Status "Inactive" Mean?


When your traffic is completed - fully delivered based on what was recently purchased - then your rotator status will move from Active to Inactive

Other reasons that your status for traffic deliver is set to "Inactive" is:

  1. You are not yet activated on a brand new order and need to submit your contracts
  2. You've recently changed your link and it has not yet been approved
  3. You submitted a bad link and need to submit a new one
  4. You paused your traffic in the Traffic Control Panel
  5. Your subscription is no longer active and all traffic has been delivered
  6. All traffic for current subscription period has been delivered


For Clients who placed a traffic order AFTER June 1, 2014:

In order to update your traffic link you can easily submit the change right under you Traffic Control Center.

Click Here to Access That Now: Traffic Control Panel

You will be redirected to the main login page here: http://DaeganSmith.com/Courses
Login with your username (email) and password.
Then navigate to your Traffic Control Panel


For Client's whose traffic orders BEGAN prior to June 1, 2014:

Please login HERE: Rotator Login


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