Hyper-Responsive List application fee?


If you're wondering or if you missed it going through the process yourself, the $97 application fee is the first step of the qualification process for approval as a client for our Hyper-Responsive List list building service. 

Most months we limit client enrollment to 20 our less of the total applicants. If approved then the client chooses the list size they would like built based on the options available on the report. (click here for full report) or see below...

Once the shared lead investment listed above is paid we then build the clients list using our own (Daegan Smith) list in real time as we build our own list to support our multi million dollar business to simultaneously build the clients list, and...

As a "icing" on the cake the approved clients affiliate URLs are put in rotation so that as their list is build if sales are closed through the partners affiliate link that client gets paid to have their list build for them.

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    Have i set up an acct with you and if so did i sign up for a payment plan,im confused,Newbie

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    Murkmatized Bs

    Confused,please build my list for me.

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    Please help me start

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    were all the money i am spost to be making

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    $2000 for the minimum list ?
    Really ?
    You send me an email stating I have lost my commissions
    And direct me to a page at the last minute to pay you ! First time I
    Have seen it . Tried and tried to pay the fee of
    97$ but your site had glitches and couldn't pay?!
    I feel this is very unfair and disatisfied with the way
    You have handled this .


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