How To Get Setup with Payoneer?


Dear Publisher  -

THBA is currently setup to payout using the payment solution Payoneer.

Payoneer offers both ACH Deposits and Mastercard Debit Cards.

To ensure timely payment of your publisher invoices, please make sure you are setup with a Payoneer Account and that you submit all required documentation to Payoneer to ensure you account is activated and in good standing.

You will find the link to setup your Payoneer account inside your Has Offers office.

  • Step One: Log into your Has Offers office
  • Step Two: Click on "My Account" and then Billing
  • Step Three: Select the "Edit" pencil beside billing Details
  • Step Four: Choose Payoneer as your payment method
  • Step Five: Verify your current Payoneer Status
  • Step Six: Click "Register For Payoneer" if Status Reads "Not Registered"



Helpful Link for Managing your Payoneer:


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