Do I need the Mastercard or the ACH payment setup?


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Our payment solution, Payoneer, offers both a pre-paid Mastercard and also an ACH payment option.

When you setup your Payoneer account, you can choose which payment method is your default payment method.  This is setup inside of Payoneer and not stipulated inside of Has Offers interface.  

In Has Offers just make sure your payment method is setup as "Payoneer", and make sure your status is "accepted".  That means your Payoneer account is active because you've submitted all the required details to Payoneer so that we can now remit payment to you via that platform.


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    I’m a US resident – how do I sign up for a Payoneer account?
    JANUARY 1, 2013 11 COMMENTS

    Payoneer provides millions of individuals across the globe with a solution to receive funds from companies and businesses worldwide. Application for a Payoneer account via our main website,, is not currently available to US residents; we do sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

    If you are a US resident and are looking to receive funds from a company that pays with Payoneer, you can still sign up for an account. Simply sign into your online account with the company and select Payoneer as your payout method (or contact the company and let them know that you’d like to receive your payments using Payoneer). The company will direct you to an online application page for a Payoneer account, which will include USA in the list of available countries.

    Payoneer works with thousands of companies worldwide, spanning multiple verticals and industries such as freelancing, affiliate networks, eCommerce, graphic design, stock photography, direct selling, and more. Some examples of companies we work with include oDesk, Elance,, Fiverr, Guru, Airbnb, ViSalus, 99Designs, Depositphotos, Pond5, 2Checkout, Bluesnap, and many more.

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    Patricia Sweeney

    Hey John - Payoneer is available in the US now. That's an old article you are citing

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