Co-op or List - What's The Difference?


The Online Traffic Revolution - Traffic Co-op

As a member of our traffic co-op you tell use the site you want us to drive traffic to and we send traffic directly to your site. You can learn more about the traffic by clicking here.

Depending on availability you can get traffic through our co-op for as little as just over $300 per month for hundreds of premium visitors.

The Hyper-Responsive List - List Building Service

First off, for the Hyper-Responsive List, to be selected as a client...

There's a multi step qualification process that starts with a $97 application fee and then written application, a graded test, and finally if the applicant gets passed these steps theres a final phone interview.

The reason for this level of qualification is because IF a client is selected Daegan then shares his list as he builds it with his list building client.

The exact same list he uses to support his multi-million dollar business is the exact same list the chosen applicant will have hand delivered directly to their auto-responder.

There are several other advantages, but... the CORE difference is the traffic co-op is direct traffic sent to a clients site where the Hyper-Responsive List is a list building or LEADS advertising service.

If approved clients can select list sizes from 1,000 subscribers for a $2,000 investment to 10,000 subscribers or more for as low as $1 per subscriber. 

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