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If you can't login to and you've purchased a course or invested in one of our advertising services, then there are a few reasons why this might be the case...

The first question to answer is "Where you ever able to login?" If the answer to is YES...

Then most likely what has happened is you had a subscription that for some reason the card used for payment declined.

When this happens our our membership script automatically triggers a block that is then restored once the payment in default is processed successfully.

If you suspect this has happened to you then the best way to find out and correct this issue is to login to our accounting center by clicking here. Or...

If you need help logging into then click here

If this is NOT what has happened to you then there are one of two things that have happened.

1. Our system has logged a duplicate contact record and we've got to merge them to resolve this.

2. For some reason you were not able to create a login during the purchase process which is also something we will have to investigate and fix internally for you. 

So if you fall into one of the two groups I just mentioned please submit a support ticket and describe in AS MUCH DETAIL as you can...

  • What you purchased and when you made the purchase
  • How long you've been attempting to login without success
  • Your receipt ID, details, and what you're attempting to access 
  • Any glitches when ordering that might be the culprit
  • Anything you can share to help us resolve things quickly

If it's tech glitch that's got you. I'm sorry! Technology... gotta love it right? Shoot us a ticket and we'll get this solved asap. 

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